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We send Ultra Fine Glitter Bombs worldwide
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Glitter is the nightmare of the craft world, it’s a bunch of little tiny, flat, reflective particles that tend to become charged with static electricity.

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a glitter bomb. You know glitter gets everywhere, it sticks to your clothes, gets in your hair, finds its way into cracks and crevices you never knew you had. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of and can be very difficult to deal with.

Our glitter bombs are a quick way to deliver a maximum amount of frustration to your victim. The convenience, anonymity and cheap price of this prank makes it really popular. Just pay us as little as $7,99, give us their name and address (worldwide free priority shipping) and we will send them ultra fine glitter to annoy the shit out of them!


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Custom notes can only be added to the Glitter Bomb cards and only after requested prior ordering.

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How about Some Fun Facts?

Singles take revenge when ditched by lover or spouse
Countries have been Glitterbombed
Kilogram of glitter is used in making glitterbombs

We use ultra fine glitter which is
a real pain in the ass to clean up!

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